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MiVoice Enterprise

formerly MiVoice MX-ONE

The MiVoice Enterprise multimedia communications server is the foundation for enabling complete integration of true multimedia, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) applications and mobility in the enterprise.

By integrating voice, video and IM with mobility, MiVoice Enterprise is a full-featured communication server bringing new dimensions to the modern enterprise. With its fully distributed architecture, the MiVoice Enterprise solution can be deployed with or without dedicated media gateway hardware in a centralized or distributed fashion as a single logical system or alternatively as networked systems across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations – and is scalable from 100-500,000 users. 

Freedom of choice – Industry-independent solution

The different roles in an organization, such as administrators, business users, contact center agents and attendants require specific competencies, which, in turn require specific applications. From Mitel’s perspective, a ”one-size-fits-all” UCC solution simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why Mitel’s comprehensive set of UCC applications fully integrated with the MiVoice Enterprise communication platform cater to the different user needs with customized solutions, tailored to fit the individual user profile and situation.

Meeting the UCC needs of a wide range of industries and customers, no industry or sector is a stranger to the MiVoice Enterprise solution. To date, the MiVoice Enterprise solution is deployed in vertical organizations in the world of travel, transport, education, manufacturing, health care, emergency services, public safety, local authorities, finance, insurance, tourism, and many more.

Additionally, the MiVoice Enterprise solution enjoys an unparalleled history of offering investment protection to an impressive installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 120 countries.

You set investment pace

All communication services converge over one network no matter if fixed or mobile, public or private, working seamlessly together as a single infrastructure, instantly accessible anywhere and everywhere. These state-of-the-art collaboration opportunities not only save invaluable time, but heighten productivity and improve overall enterprise effectiveness. By deploying an IP voice and data infrastructure organizations can also immediately start saving on operational costs. In addition, the MiVoice Enterprise, a single common infrastructure, is much easier to manage as it makes use of IT and operation and management tools for both voice and data applications.  

MiVoice Business

​MiVoice Business is a highly scalable, proven business communication platform that delivers voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more.

Mitel MiCollab

When you give employees a single point of access for all of their communications and collaboration needs, they’ll spend less time trying to connect and more time communicating. And that means better performance for your business.

MiVoice Office Applications Suite

With the MiVoice Office Application Suite, your small business has everything you need to enhance your employees' overall productivity, customer service delivery and quality of decision-making. MiVoice Office Application Suite delivers a range of applications on top of your MiVoice Office 250 telephone system.

MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality

The MiVoice Office 400 opens the full performance spectrum of modern business communications, meeting professional communications requirements by being highly responsive to innovations and new ways of working.

MiVoice Connect

MiVoice Connect delivers a different approach to business communications. We focus on your most important assets – your people and their goals – and remove impediments to free-flowing communications so your team can focus on relationships, ideas and growth, not getting technology to work. 

MiCollab Advanced Messaging

Powerful, secure messaging for the entire business.  Empower your employees to work smarter (and not harder) by enabling them to remain connected, drive the exchange of thoughts and improve upon the speed & quality of decisions being made.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging (UM) simplifies the message retrieval experience by ‘unifying’ multiple message sources into a single message location. 

Mitel Performance Analytics

Mitel Performance Analytics is a fault and performance management solution that proactively monitors and manages your entire network, and can identify voice and network quality concerns before business affecting outages arise. Available as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription.

MiVoice Office 250

The MiVoice Office 250 phone system is an affordable and flexible communication platform for small to mid-size businesses.

MiVoice Border Gateway

Enable employee fluidity, yet ensure productivity, companies can build upon their Mitel® IP-PBX investment and extend unified communications capabilities to remote workers via IP phones, soft phones and more with MiVoice Border Gateway’s session border control capabilities.

MiVoice Conference Phone

The MiVoice Conference Phone designed to make meetings easier and more efficient. A tight integration with Mitel platforms, applications, call managers delivers a unique conference experience that will not be found with 3rd party devices.

Mitel and Microsoft

Integrating MiVoice into a Microsoft Skype for Business environment delivers the full range of mission-critical, enterprise-class voice features, such as: ... Initiate calls via contact lists, from the search window, within Microsoft Office applications, or from the Mitel Call window.

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