No more with an LTE Plan from Norcom

What is it?


A solution that maintains Internet connectivity in the event of an outage.

What does it include?



InRouter 615-S

  • LTE Router

  • (1) Multi-Carrier Cat 6

  • (1) High-Gain Antenna

  • (1) Power Supply for Router

  • Ethernet cables

Optional: Battery Backup

Cyberpower Backup UPS Battery

  • 8 hours running time (dependent upon devices plugged into it and their power requirements)

  • Price:  $119.95


Availability and Pricing Overview

Who is eligible?:  All SMB new acquisition and existing customers

Static IP Supported?:  Applications that require static IP are not supported however the customer can still order the LTE Wireless service to backup any non-static IP applications they have, i.e. POS, etc.

Connection type:  Coax or Fiber

MRC:  $50

One-time Activation Fee:  $0

Equipment Cost:  LTE Router: $ 399 Optional Battery Backup:  $119.95

Wireless Carriers:  AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless

Amount of Data Provided:  Unlimited Speed

Installation:  Self-Install only

$50 Per Month Plus Equipment!