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Mitel Performance Analytics

Proactively manage the performance of Mitel networks, for better service quality.

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Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. Monitoring and managing performance offers a better user experience, less downtime, and decreases the cost of support.

The Mitel Performance Analytics software suite helps administrators manage enterprise deployments with multiple network nodes, while allowing partners to proactively detect and address performance issues on customer networks.

Featuring tools such as secure remote access and 24/7 system monitoring, Mitel Performance Analytics is based on the software formerly known as MarWatch, already deployed in 2,000 networks around the world.

Mitel Performance Analytics is available in two service tiers:

Mitel Performance Analytics


Cloud-hosted fault & performance management software that monitors the performance of Mitel solutions, providing alerts, troubleshooting tools, reports and more to manage service quality more proactively. Formerly known as MarWatch.

  • Cloud-hosted

  • Supports Mitel devices & applications

  • Included in Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription

Mitel Performance Analytics Plus


Cloud-hosted or on-premises fault & performance management solution for enterprises. MPA Plus manages performance of Mitel and third-party systems (ie: servers, routers), and offers simplified group operations for large, multi-node MiVoice Business networks. Formerly known as Enterprise Manager.

  • Cloud-hosted or on-premise deployment options

  • Supports Mitel and third-party/multi-vendor devices & systems

  • Advanced group and user operations for large, multi-node networks

  • Chargeable uplift to Premium Software Assurance subscription

Product Downloads:

Mitel Performance Analytics

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