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Dark Web

We go into the Dark Web to keep you out of it!

Our Dark Web monitoring platform provides the most validated credential exposure data available.


New Customer Maintenance Promotion  


The more you use your solution to help drive your business success, the more you need a great support organization behind that solution.


New Norcom Assurance maintenance customers will receive:

One (1) year of free maintenance with a new one (1) year Norcom Assurance Agreement ±

± To qualify, new customer must purchase two years of software assurance 

Norcom Assurance
Dark Web

MiVoice Business:
Free H30 Headset

Reap the rewards of greater flexibility and choice and discover Mitel’s MiVoice Business, a business communication platform that delivers voice, messaging, conferencing, collaboration and more!

Rich PBX Features, advanced call controls, mobility and IP desk phone options to enable you to talk from anywhere.

Receive a free H30 headset for every UCC Standard User License on MiVoice Business SMBC + MiCollab orders.

25% Move

Hospitality Upgrade

You’ve trusted your own and your guests’ communications with Mitel for years.

Mitel’s new Hospitality Loyalty Program protects your current investment & enables you to benefit from incredible discounts when switching to Mitel’s flagship software platform for hospitality:

MiVoice Business Hospitality Suite

3 Months Free

Education Phone Program

Announcing the introduction of a new program for the Education vertical on Mitel 6900 IP Phones.

Attractive discounts for Education vertical on select 6900 IP Phones for Education customers.


Modernize MiVoice Connect Program 

This MiVoice Connect program exists to provide enhanced incentives for customers to modernize their legacy

ShoreTel 14.2 and earlier or Connect ONSITE deployments.

MiVoice Connect customers can modernize their legacy SG and ST hardware with virtual voice switch licenses using this financially attractive program.

connect on laptop_720x480.jpg
MiContact Center Business
Mitel Hardware Update
What is Call Center Performance Management.png

MiContact Center Business Migration


For Mitel 400 CC (OIP), Mitel 5000 CC (ACP), MiVo Connect CC (ECC) and MiContact Center Enterprise (MiCCE) customers to migrate to MiContact Center Business at $0 migration pricing.


NuPoint Migration

Receive a free UCC entry when migrating from MiVoice Business NuPoint. Must purchase SWA along with free UCC entry license. Maximum of 5000 licenses applied to an order.


MiVoice Call Recording Migration

Delivering value to customers migrating to Mitel Flagship products and services.  Offering end-to-end capture of any and all calls, whether outbound, inbound, one-to-one or conference. 


Discover Mitel’s interaction recording solutions.

Call Recording Migration

MiVoice Office 250 to MiVB Migration Program

MiVoice Office 250 customers can migrate cost-effectively to MiVoice Business via this new like-for-like licensing program.

Businessman Thinking Hero.png
MiVoice Business Migration

*  Product availability varies by country market. Please check with your Norcom Solutions Account Manager for availability in your market.

** Mitel Terms and conditions apply to these offers. Please check with Norcom for offer details, qualifying criteria, terms and conditions.

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