Norcom One

Why take on the risks associated with owning and operating your telecommunications system? Norcom One protects you from these risks and responsibilities.

Norcom One offers you peace of mind with the full service and warranty, training, risk of loss coverage, and upgradability. You are free to focus your resources and attention on your business.

Norcom One takes into consideration all major costs associated with the operation of your telecommunication system. It lets you know up-front exactly what it will cost you to maintain and operate your system

Norcom One lets you know exactly what service will cost. Your fixed monthly payment includes full service, parts, and labor for the full term of your lease, without escalation for up to eight years.
We assume risk of loss for the equipment and the system is replaced at our expense. No additional insurance is required. You pay no
deductible in the event of loss.
We provide training on the use of your system to all of your employees throughout the entire term of your agreement. Anytime you add new employees, or should someone just need a refresher course, just pick up the phone and call us.
Norcom One won’t lock you into your current system’s capacity and technology. Should you elect to add a substantial amount of equipment to Norcom One, we offer the ability to restructure the agreement to minimize the impact on your monthly payments.
Norcom One meets business needs better than a cash purchase or loan plan. It includes all major costs associated with the operation of your telecommunications system.
Upon expiration of Norcom One contract, you will be given the option to renew for an additional 36 months at half the amount you had been paying. You can choose to have all benefits from your original contract locked-in for the additional three years.
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