Your Industry

Your industry has unique needs; from hotel management applications to emergency communications for state and local governments, you need a communications partner who understands your organization. Our team of experts has worked with businesses and organizations to find industry-specific solutions to their communications challenges.

Auto Dealerships need ot provide a high level of service, while handling multiple customers. Norcom provides enhanced tools to help your dealership save time, while achieving customer excellence and boosting revenue.
With significant amounts of money at stake, casinos are targets for false liability claims and crime. Get the detailed evidence you need to avoid false claims, protect assets and keep your guests safe.
With facilities and students spread across large or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities brings special challenges. Ensuring student safety and reducing vandalism to valuable campus property is paramount. Keep students and property safe.
Field Services
Field services companies depend on flexible, mobile-friendly communications, connecting field technicians with home offices and customers. Staying connected isn't just important, it's critical for field services companies to succeed. Our Field Services customers stay connected no matter what, saving time and money, while exceeding their customers' expectations.
Financial Services
The global financial services market is going through challenging times. Competition, growing regulatory pressure, and heightened risks from external forces have never been greater.
Municipalities need to ensure citizen safety in various environments while being conscious of public budgets. Avigilon’s end-to-end high-definition solutions meet these requirements by covering more areas, with fewer cameras and enabling faster investigations.
Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment is a challenge. Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with the image detail and protection.
Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. Hospitality customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the needs of their industry.
Legal Services
Communications are central to the success of every law firm. In a profession that depends on swift, accurate information, a missed message can mean mistakes, delays, or worse. Our legal services clients have found reliable ways to be present for their clients, no matter where in the world they might be.
Whether you want to better manage your supply chain, improve connectivity across multiple locations or reduce wasted time and resources, Mitel collaboration tools and communications technologies are uniquely tailored to meet your goals.
With funding constraints and accountability to the people they serve, our nonprofit customers know the value of cost-effective communications. From modernizing older systems to increasing efficiency, our nonprofit customers have been able to better serve their communities and accomplish their goals.
Public Safety
By pairing a cloud-based program with video surveillance, cell phones and real-time analytics, law enforcement agencies can send voice, text and even images whenever and to whomever. Medical calls are expedited faster, children and missing people are found more quickly, and arrests are made more efficiently.
Real Estate
Businesses and office building managers face the challenge of ensuring the safety of employees, assets and data, while keeping intruders out. Our broad megapixel cameras, access management solutions and open software can work with your current infrastructure to meet these requirements.
Every retailer is unique. Each must address issues in ways that fit their business models and their operations.
Sports & Entertainment
In the fast-paced worlds of sports or entertainment, fast and clear communication is a necessity.
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