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Structured Cabling


Structured Cabling

Norcom Solutions cabling division is highly regarded across North America for its expertise gained from the decades of experience on our team. Our precision skill is exhibited in systematic processes and attention to detail.

Survey and Engineer

Our objective is to leave no stone unturned at the initial stages of a project in order to develop an accurate budget. Many projects are complex and require significant forethought to preclude the element of surprise in the midst of an installation.  Norcom is renowned for its ability to question specifically,
recognize and address issues in the early phases.

Creative Infrastructure Development

Environmental obstacles, extended distribution needs and high end design plans require an expansive knowledge base to draw from in order to address them successfully.  Norcom Solutions has a well deserved reputation for producing creative structures to overcome these challenges.

Project Management

Regardless of our client’s site location, Norcom Solutions is fastidious in maintaining consistency in the quality of the installation. For this reason, it is a policy that a senior member of our team is present and ensuring our strict internal standards adhered to.

Logical Deployment

Not to be underestimated, the aesthetics and labeling nomenclature are of significant value. Once the network is established, the logic of the design will dictate the ease in which changes can be made. As there is an inherent sense of urgency applied to any task IT related, the clean routing of cables and labeling system is crucial to providing a complete solution to our clients.

Testing Policies

Norcom Solutions will certify and test all cables to the designated EIA/TIA standard. Detailed reports may be delivered for a permanent record of the cable transmission.  Providing an end to end solution that will endure is the responsibility Norcom Solutions assumes in the development of the critical internal transport system.

*BICSI registered members

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As the communication systems are fundamental to business process, the cabling infrastructure is the spine of the enterprise. In the absence of this foundation, the operation comes to a grinding halt.

A universal truth in business today is the speed at which technology changes is growing faster and the hunger for more bandwidth mirrors the movement. The baseline of the infrastructure must be able to support the applications running over the network today as well as those planned and unplanned for the future.

Recognizing the long term investment and critical functional nature of the structured cabling environment, Norcom Solutions takes a strong, proactive, strategic role in providing a complete wiring solution. As industry standards change rapidly and conflicting information proliferates, our clients rely on us to decipher the noise and represent the practical application.

Our dedicated division assists in establishing the core design of the entire environment and server room configuration. Using the highest quality manufactured cabling and components, our installations include all fiber and copper requirements. Taking charge of the end to end vertical backbone deployment of the infrastructure and horizontal cabling to the desktop, Norcom Solutions provides a complete, comprehensive package, allowing our clients the freedom to direct their attention to other matters

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