Norcom Assurance

The more you use your solution to help drive your business success, the more you need a great support organization behind that solution.

Our experts use a proactive approach to drive issues to resolution using monitoring technology and diagnostic tools and procedures developed over decades of supporting our customers.


Norcom's support team is backed by our manufacturing partner's Software Assurance team, enabling speedily resolution of complex technical issues. Norcom Assurance is available for MiVoice, MiCollab, and MiContact Center software platforms, applications and hardware.

Norcom support experts leverage a suite of diagnostic tools to isolate and resolve your problem. These tools run in your systems and our operations center to keep a history of key operating parameters as well as enable advanced diagnostics. Most problems are resolved remotely with onsite response as needed.
Optional - Norcom monitors your solution to stay ahead of issues, speed up issue resolution and help reduce your IT support workload.
When attempts to resolve an incident remotely have not been successful, or when a major incident requires that a system component be replaced, we will dispatch a technician onsite.
Where a covered system, module or device is found to be defective, We will replace the part. Replacement parts are typically shipped next business day.
We can remotely configure your system, move a user from one device to another, add users, or change user features.
Software upgrades and patches help to resolve issues or increase functionality. We assist you in coordinating your upgrade. Coverage Options offered are available with 24x7 coverage and 24x7 coverage with monitoring.
You can choose to cover software only or software with parts replacement and whether you want remote only services or remote with onsite escalation. Support is best purchased along with your new product and Software Assurance subscription. One to five year subscriptions can be purchased with the Contract date aligned to your business needs.
MACs and upgrade services for a major release will incur additional charges and will be billed in blocks of time (BOT). Software Assurance at the same subscription level is required.
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Norcom Assurance Program