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When you give employees a single point of access for all of their communications and collaboration needs, they’ll spend less time trying to connect and more time communicating. And that means better performance for your business.

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MiTeam-supercharging collaboration

With MiTeam, you get a natural extension of MiCollab that aligns with how teams actually work today. That means a multi-layered, highly collaborative, persistent workspace for team-based meetings, conversations and content collaboration all tailored for the needs of today’s mobile workforce.

Key business benefits of MiCollab


Get more done – from anywhere

  • Increase employee collaboration and productivity by reducing communications latency, managing workflows, and eliminating device and media dependencies

  • Single point of access to all communications and collaborations tools

  • Mobile-first design with consistent experience across devices

  • Build better connections using MiTeam, IM, voice, video or full Web collaboration from any location on any device

  • Support for the broadest portfolio of mobile devices in the industry

Easy administration

  • Manage all collaboration tools using a single, user-friendly interface

  • Maintain just one server, which can be deployed however suits you best – on premises or in virtualized environments

  • APIs integrate MiCollab with your other business applications, like email, calendars and CRM systems


Reduce costs

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership, especially with a straightforward, cost-effective migration path to the cloud

  • By giving your employees a better way to communicate, you can reduce travel time and expenses, improve productivity, and remain competitive



  • Communications forums that mirror your conversations across all devices in real-time

  • Contextual and searchable message threads

  • Text chat

  • Real-time voice and video calling

  • Real-time voice and video conferencing with web sharing

  • Screen sharing

  • File sharing

  • Third party app integrations

  • WebRTC Web client available

  • Support for English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Chinese

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