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Reliable, simple on-site solutions.

Your Industry
Education ►
In today's fast-paced educational environment, your organization needs reliable, flexible communications to keep staff and students connected. Mitel solutions enable students to communicate on their terms and enhances the learning experience.
Government ►
Our solutions help central and local governments worldwide to deliver essential austerity measures that reduce sovereign debt levels, identify cost savings, implement staff efficiency, and drive greater productivity – all while ensuring data and information meet strict privacy and protection requirements.
Hospitality ►
Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. Hospitality customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the needs of their industry.
Retail ►
Every retailer is unique. Each must address issues in ways that fit their business models and their operations.
Healthcare ►
Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment is a challenge. Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with the image detail and protection.
Real Estate ►
Finding ways to differentiate your real estate firm from the competition is critical in today’s highly competitive real estate market. In order to stay competitive and improve the client experience, real estate firms, property managers and executive suites are making the shift to mobile and cohesive communications and collaboration solutions that work wherever they are.
Field Services ►
With so many moving parts to a field services company, disconnects in communications can cause delay, quickly derail operations and drive up costs of operations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Embedded Communications technology, you can eliminate those delays, manage field service more efficiently, and generate improved customer satisfaction and greater profitability.
Manufacturing ►
Whether you want to better manage your supply chain, improve connectivity across multiple locations or reduce wasted time and resources, Norcom's surveillance solutions, access control, collaboration tools and communications technologies are uniquely tailored to meet your goals.
Sports & Entertainment ►
In the fast-paced worlds of sports or entertainment, spectator safety and fast and clear communications are a necessity.
Legal Services Solutions ►
Always stay connected to the business are hand. Communications are central to the success of every law firm. In a profession that depends on swift, accurate information, a missed message can mean mistakes, delays, or worse. But with the right business phone system, operations become streamlined, raising firm productivity and saving both time and money.
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Your Business Size
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2,500+ employees
Midsize Business ►
101 to 2,500 employees
Small Business ►
20 to 100 employees
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