Sports and Entertainment Solutions

Recognizing the importance of keeping all members of a club connected from anywhere in the world,  establishes a critical need for mobility. Mobility doesn’t only impact internal operations.


Technology is shaping the fan experience and the need to communicate with customers in a personalized way on the platforms of their choice.

There is a need for the flexibility to scale quickly and the agility to respond to changing requirements on the fly.  The ability to limit onsite equipment and maintenance, provide flexibility and with added the added benefit of enterprise mobility allows businesses to operate more efficiently and successfully.

Sports & Entertainment Communication
Mitel helps to power the teamwork approach that every organization needs to succeed.   Being able to effectively communicate and collaborate on-the-go can provide your organization with the competitive advantage needed to winning it all.
Sports & Entertainment Security
Keeping spectators safe in crowds of 50,000 or more isn’t easy. It’s a process that traditionally needs hundreds of cameras. Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras can cover large areas, and make it easy to spot suspicious activity. Avigilon's access management makes it easy to control who can access restricted areas.
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