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Healthcare Solutions

Get the efficient, cost-effective communication you need to deliver high-quality healthcare.


For healthcare organizations of every size and type, healthcare comes down to improving patient safety, treatment and satisfaction. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need the right tools. Whether you’re making real-time decisions in a hospital emergency ward, managing outpatient care or facilitating long-term assisted living, we’ve designed technology around your needs.

We offer an extensive array of next-generation solutions designed to help accelerate communication and collaboration for hospitals, senior care facilities, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and clinics.

You can:

  • Enhance the delivery and quality of patient and resident care

  • Keep costs in line

  • Protect and maximize existing investments

  • Streamline day-to-day tasks

  • Give employees greater flexibility and mobility

You get:​

  • A single communication suite across all devices

  • A highly scalable, flexible business communication platform

  • Compatibility with major third-party solutions

  • A range of communication applications, including voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and other services


Security, Safety and Patient Satisfaction

In a 24/7/365 hospital environment, real-time communication and information distribution is more than a convenience—it saves lives. Doctors and staff members require an “always on” presence in order to make timely decisions, secure positive patient outcomes and look for ways to improve the overall quality of care.

Mitel’s solutions provide hospitals with the technology to exchange information over fixed, wireless and mobile networks. Here is how Mitel can help your facility experience the benefits of real-time IP communication:

Mitel Healthcare 6.jpeg

Improve Mobile Productivity

Mitel Healthcare 3.jpeg
Mitel Healthcare 10.jpeg
Leverage the latest technology:

Compliment your existing infrastructure with the latest in unified communication technology. Mitel offers both cloud-ready and modular on-premises voice solutions, as well as contact center call handling, monitoring and reporting features. Enterprise mobility and outbound notification features are also available.

Ensure business continuity:

In an always-on environment, business continuity is a major need and a constant challenge. Mitel’s virtualized call control and applications permit hospitals to realize cost savings, simplify support and ensure a constant exchange of data regardless of external circumstances.

Provide a safe environment:

Staff and patients need access to both physical security and high quality care at all times. Mitel’s MiVoice platform provides direct voice transmission features between patients and staff, so patient needs can be addressed around the clock.

Control costs:

The quality of patient care needs to be an ongoing practice for hospital administrators; however, the number of patients requiring attention often surpasses budgetary limits. Mitel’s advanced healthcare collaboration solutions help streamline day-to-day operations without requiring a significant infrastructure upgrade. Additionally, automated appointment reminders can augment patient outreach to help reduce the number of missed visits.

Enable patient-centric care:

Mitel makes it possible for nurses to spend more time on patient care than administrative tasks such as entering patient data, searching for equipment and tracking down colleagues. With the help of a single hub, nurses can respond to patient needs quickly and respond to service and maintain requests in a timely fashion. This also helps staff members make timely decisions for improving service and patient outcomes.

If you are looking to reduce costs, increase patient care quality and ramp up communication with hospital staff in your facility, Mitel’s communication and collaboration solutions are right for you.

HMOs and Clinics

Transform your clinic's or HMO's communications


For clinics and health maintenance organizations (HMOs), managing patient and information flow in facilities and home-based environments is critical for ensuring success. Timely communication and collaboration solutions are therefore essential for improving efficiencies and the overall quality of patient care.

Here is how Mitel’s single, easy-to-manage software can help streamline day-to-day tasks while keeping costs at a minimum in your facility:

Embrace the latest technology:

Whether you are looking for a cloud-based or on-premises solution, Mitel’s MiVoice can help overcome technical and communication barriers with voice, video, collaboration, contact center and mobility solutions. Mitel also offers unified communications and contact center call management platforms.

Unify front desk operations:

Mitel’s MiContact Center and MiVoice platform automates reminders, routes inbound callers and announces when patients arrive at a facility, thereby accelerating patient wait times and reducing missed appointments.

Provide a safe environment:

Direct communication between patients and staff is critical for keeping patients safe when they are alone either at home or behind closed doors in a facility. Using Mitel’s collaboration solution, staff can route patients quickly from point to point in order to minimize time spent in waiting rooms, where patients can be exposed to new illnesses.


Control costs:

Clinics and HMOs need to constantly strive to improve patient care regardless of budgetary restrictions. Mitel streamlines front office and patient-related efficiencies without requiring a significant or costly infrastructure upgrade. From automating appointment reminders to replacing in-person visits with video conferences, Mitel will let you choose a deployment model that works best for your needs.

Enable patient-centric care:

Staff members shouldn’t spend more time on administrative patient work than on actual patients. Mitel will help your clinic or HMO facility simplify diagnoses and obtain second opinions by collaborating and sharing information with colleagues worldwide. Using Mitel, physicians can also quickly respond to patient needs and make timely decisions related to care.


If you are looking to revolutionize high quality patient care in your organization in a cost-effective manner, Mitel’s communication and collaboration solutions can help. Your organization will spend more time with patients and will become more mobile-advanced as you remove restraining communication roadblocks.


Senior Care

Improving the heathcare experience at senior care facilities


For senior care facilities, it is difficult to provide a safe environment and a high quality of care for residents while still allowing for certain levels of independence. In order to overcome this challenge, fast and efficient communication is essential. Staff, residents and family members must be able to communicate in real time over fixed, wireless and mobile networks.

Here is how Mitel’s single communications suite can ensure a highly connected approach to senior care:


Access the latest technologies:

Mitel’s MiVoice platform can deliver voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, collaboration, conferencing and other services either on-premises or in the cloud. MiVoice can also directly integrate with Nurse Call for direct voice communication. And with UC and enterprise mobility software, collaboration and messaging can take place regardless of patient or staff location.


Ensure business continuity:

A senior care facility is a 24/7/365 environment; therefore communication must exist at all times. The MiVoice Resiliency feature and battery backup capabilities allow for constant uptime even when servers or networks are affected.


Maintain accreditation:

Having access to a reliable communications system is critical for maintaining accreditation with state and local agencies. Text-based alerts, E-911 support and quick communications options mitigate risk and help staff handle emergencies when they arise.


Ensure a safe residential environment:

Mitel’s PBX-based Nurse Call Solution boasts perimeter access and wandering control, providing the necessary communication for signaling distress and locating patients wherever they may be. Wireless fall detection, water sensors and visual surveillance devices are also available.


Control costs:

Don’t let rising costs and shrinking budgets stand in the way of providing the best residential care possible. UC solutions can help your senior care facility run more efficiently without having to do a costly rip and replace. And with advanced integration options and migration solutions, you can scale at your own pace to further control costs.


Promote resident-centric care:

You and your residents will be able to rest assured knowing that staff members are available to provide immediate care at the push of a button. This allows for an unparalleled level of independence.


By making communications a priority in your senior care facility, you can ensure the needs of residents will always be met in a cost-effective yet convenient way.

Telemedicine Video Conferencing

Vidyo telehealth solutions extend well beyond delivery of care to rural patients.  We drive clinical efficiency and continuity of care across care settings for better patient outcomes at lower cost.

Security and Surveillance

Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment is a challenge. Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with the image detail and protection only Norcom can provide.

Featured Products and Solutions for Healthcare

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