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Mitel MiVoice Integration for Google

Bringing Productive Business Communications to Your Google Environment

MiVoice Integration for Google enables employees within your business to experience communications efficiencies through the integration of your Mitel MiVoice communications solution with Google applications. Everything required for making and taking business calls is now a single click away – right inside Google Chrome

As one of the largest cloud-based services and brands in the world, Google has grown to offer products beyond search, making it easy for employees to get things done. With many enterprises today choosing to utilize Google’s cloud-based email services, an integration uniting Mitel communications and Google applications is squarely directed towards helping your business maximize the value of both your investments – Mitel MiVoice Business and Google applications.

MiVoice Integration for Google offers corporate Google Applications users the ability to use MiVoice Business communications capabilities directly within their Chrome web browser, providing quick, convenient access to inbound, outbound and in-call features – efficiently and with minimal distraction.

Key Features

  • Simple install from Google Chrome web store adds as an extension directly to Chrome toolbar

  • Easily accessible from any Google Chrome webpage via a click of the MiVoice Integration Phone icon

  • Quick access to personal and corporate contact directory using the MiVoice Integration search ba

  • Pop-up window provides caller details and click-to-answer functions

  • Rich set of in-call telephony features, such as call redirect, call transfer, conference call, call hold, and retrieve call

  • Create Favorites list and call contacts directly from Favorites, Recent, Missed, and Dialed call lists

  • Call activity tracking, with the ability to enter quick call notes into the Notes field of the Google contact

  • Call history saved to the Google contact Notes field

  • Automatic new Google Contact record creation with pre- populated caller ID details for new callers, that users can choose to save or discard

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MiVoice Integration for Google

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