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MiVoice Border Gateway

Creating Secure Workspaces for Mobile and Remote Employees


The traditional office is transforming. Businesses require their employees to be mobile and work from flexible locations and on different devices. To ensure enhanced productivity, companies can build upon their Mitel IP-PBX investment and extend unified communications capabilities to remote workers via IP phones, soft phones and Wi-Fi / dual-mode phones. Opening up the company’s internal network to allow employees to connect from anywhere, any time (from hotspots, hotels and home offices), however, raises security and Internet voice quality concerns.

To deploy secure internal and external workspaces, the MiVoice Border Gateway ensures superior voice quality and provides comprehensive threat protection, strict access control, and privacy in a single consolidated server. MiVoice Border Gateway allows remote employees to work and collaborate securely by facilitating a complete in-office unified communications experience without being physically in the office.

MiVoice Border Gateway delivers the following co-resident services on a single platform:

  • Teleworker Service

Turns MiVoice IP phones or soft phone devices into teleworker communications devices

  • SIP Trunk Proxy Service

Can serve as a SIP-aware firewall at the edge of the company network and eliminates the need for third-party firewall devices, simplifies configuration and deployment

  • Application Web Proxy Service

Enables trusted connectivity between the company LAN and the public Internet to provide secure access for Mitel unified communications applications

  • Remote Management Service

Enables system administrators of Mitel solutions to access Mitel web management interfaces from outside the organization’s corporate LAN

  • Secure Recording Connector

Enables both Mitel and third-party call recording solutions to securely record IP endpoint and teleworker extensions

  • IPv6 Application Layer Gateway

Provides an application layer gateway between IPv4 and IPv6 networks

  • WebRTC Gateway

Provides a WebRTC to SIP gateway connection for Mitel IP-PBXs. It allows companies to provide both anonymous and subscribed connections to their Mitel call managers through WebRTC-enabled browsers

For information on product and application interoperability, please contact Norcom at 877-NORCOM1 or by email at

Product Downloads:

MiVoice Border Gateway - Brochure

Download the whitepaper to see how you can transform your company into a connected mobile enterprise.

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