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MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality

Ensure you can manage your small or boutique hotel with the operational efficiency required to meet and exceed today’s guest expectations with technology that goes far beyond call control.

Guests have never had a louder voice, with social media expanding their reach and accelerating the speed they can share. Every impression counts. That means the technology behind your guest experience can mean the difference between customer complaints and five-star reviews.

Now you can get an end-to-end communications, collaboration and application package that goes far beyond call control. It’s purpose-built to help improve operational efficiency and guest experience for small to mid-sized boutique and select service hotels with up to 150 guest-rooms. And you can get it from a company that already serves thousands of hospitality properties

  • Exceed your guests’ expectations

  • Deliver on brand standards

  • Ensure a positive first impression so your guests keep coming back

  • Ensure real-time, personalized guest communications

  • Efficiently and effectively address guest, operational and maintenance issues

  • Get everything you need in a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one package

Built on a tried and tested communication server that has been successfully selling in the hospitality market in EMEA for years.

Benefits of MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality

Benefits for guests

  • Excellent service – Today’s customer expects quick and reliable service. Ensure speedy and easy check-in and check-out processes.

  • Room phones – A wide range of easy-to-deploy handsets tailored to customers’ needs.

  • Dependable wake-up service – With pre-set minimum volume, guests will never miss a wake-up call again. Our integrated system informs staff about any unanswered wake-up calls.

  • Protection of personal data – During check-out, private guest data like call lists and voice messages on the voice mailbox are automatically erased. No new guest can get access to the data of a previous guest.

Benefits for staff

  • Efficiency and productivity – Support staff from check-in to check-out. Speed up work processes by optimizing common staff functions to raise productivity and morale.

  • Always informed – Keep everyone in the loop. Help room personnel, reception and hotel management stay up-to-date with each other constantly and consistently.

  • User-friendly – Save processing time, especially with frequently changing, multilingual staff. A single, short training session is all it takes to use the hotel functions competently and professionally.

  • The right equipment – Choose from a wide range of phones for reception, back office, cleaning and maintenance teams. Give your employees the tools to get the job done right.

Benefits for Management


  • Comprehensive – All functions, applications and components are seamlessly integrated from a single source. Less hassle means less worry.

  • Cost-effective –Simple to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Don’t eat the cost of a complete infrastructure overhaul.

  • Flexible – Easily adapt the package to your existing processes and needs. This includes management, reception, cleaning, maintenance, cost control and billing of network services.

  • Integrated applications – Mitel’s hospitality features make smart use of web technology. By using a browser-based interface.

  • Eliminate the need for hardware installation a browser-based interface. Set up up to five workstations simultaneously wherever you have access to an Internet browser.

The MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality package includes:

A tried and tested communication server that has been successfully selling in the hospitality market in EMEA for five years

MiVoice Office 400

Far beyond call control, you can use these applications to enhance guest experiences and help employees get more done more efficiently

Hospitality Applications

A tried and tested communication server that has been successfully selling in the hospitality market in EMEA for five years

Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones

  • Easy check-in and check-out

  • Group functionality

  • Detailed billing of call charges

  • Mini bar consumptions

  • Housekeeping status

  • Compatible analog, SIP, IP or digital phones

  • Group functionality

  • Reception console

    • Intuitive and efficient user interface in 17 languages

    • Real-time overview of room occupancy, cleaning status, wake-up and message waiting

    • Dedicated function keys

  • Web-based guest management

    • Check-in / Check-out

    • Group check-in

    • Arrival and departure dates

    • Guest language

    • Message waiting service

    • Text message editor for reception

    • Internal notes

    • Allocation of direct dial-in number at check-in

  • Staff workflow optimization and management

    • Guest requests

    • Maintenance

    • Preventative maintenance

    • Multi-property

    • Skills-based dispatching

    • Productivity reports

    • Real-time dashboard

    • Android and apple support

    • Supports SMS, push notifications, telephone and email

  • Staff and guest voice messaging

    • Comprehensive wakeup management

    • Mini bar and room status support

    • Supports multiple languages

  • Hospitality application integration:

    • Inter-connect between the PMS and the PBX, voicemail, wakeup, guest mobility, hospitality IPTV/movie and media, high-speed Internet access and in-room automation systems

    • Call accounting – single or multi-property

The Right Tools for Reception

As a small business, your strength lies in your efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility. Maximize your unique abilities with a powerful, affordable and scalable IP phone system from Mitel. Also known as hosted PBX or small business hosted VoIP, our innovative cloud platform allows you to communicate easier and collaborate smarter.

Hospitality Manager

Web-based software for small or medium businesses

  • Browser-based software

  • Can be used with any operating system: Windows, Apple iOS, etc.

  • You can set up to five parallel workstations simultaneously for multiple service departments

  • Comprehensive overview of rooms and room status

The PMS ( Property Management System) via FIAS interface


For large enterprises

  • Offers the world-renown Micros Fidelio interface—the market standard for hotels and businesses offering guest management services

  • Guaranteed reliable

  • Simple functionality

  • Certified applications include Suite 8 PMS Version 8.8 Onwards, OPERA Suite PMS Version 4.0.04.x Onwards Using IFC8 Application, OPERA Suite PMS Version 5.0.x Onwards, Fidelio Front Office 6.20 and Fidelio Suite 7.14

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