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Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager enables you to take advantage of the features of the MiVoice Office 250 straight from your PC Desktop.

Mitel Phone Manager makes day-to-day office communications simple by giving users complete control over their telephone.  Not only will this reduce the need for training but also delivers business productivity and customer service enhancements.

Mitel Phone Manager provides presence information for all users and makes transferring calls around the business as simple as possible. Instant Messaging between work colleagues is a key tool for day to day communications and the out of box integration to Microsoft Outlook, provides users with screen popping and easy dialing of contacts, either through the system directory or access to system speed dials.

Mitel Phone Manager is available in three levels of user licensing: Outlook, Professional and Team Leader.

  • Highlight & dial numbers from desktop and web applications

  • Call control from the desktop (answer, hold, transfer)

  • Microsoft Outlook add-in for dialing and meet-me conference booking

  • Control of do-not disturb and forward state

  • Instant Messaging (chat)

  • Real time presence of all users in the organization grouped by the department

  • Detailed individual call history

  • Searchable directory of internal and external contacts

  • Windows integrated logon win minimal user-side configuration

  • Softphone (Requires additional license)


This builds upon all of the features within Outlook and introduces a range of features designed to put all of your contact center tasks at your fingertips

  • All the features of Mitel Phone Manager Outlook license

  • ACD Agent control (hunt group login)

  • Integrated soft keys

  • 1st Party TAPI (call control events)

  • CRM application support

  • API access

Team Leader

With the Team Leader License you can build on the features of the Professional license to view, manage and interact with your team more efficiently.

  • All the features of Mitel Phone Manager Professional license

  • MiVoice Office 250 alarm notification, real-time pop-up alerts of phone system and CT gateway alarms

  • Hunt group status icons, view quantity of calls waiting

  • 3rd party acd agent status, DND & FWD control

  • Silent monitoring, one off or continuous mode

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