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Mitel Programmable Key Modules

Improve call handling with intuitive programmable key modules

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Mitel® Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) extend the button capacity of the MiVoice 5324, 5330, 5330e, 5340, and 5340e IP Phones, as well as the MiVoice 8528 and 8568 Telephones.

Ideal for receptionists, departmental administrative assistants and people who require additional personal keys, PKMs can be easily programmed through the phone and can be used to monitor and manage multiple lines beyond the original capacity of the phone

Improve Call Handling

Administrative assistants can use the 12- and 48-button Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) to monitor and manage multiple lines beyond the capacity of the MiVoice IP or digital phones. The 12-button PKM adds 12 keys, while the 48-button PKM adds 48 additional keys with one module or 96 keys with two 48-button PKM modules linked together. A Mitel PKM Interface Module added to the back of the phone allows the 12- and 48-button PKMs to easily connect, without the need for an additional local area network (LAN) port or digital line port. When used in either an enterprise or small business environment, the PKMs improve call handling for both employees and customers.

Easy to Program

The PKMs, 12, 48 or 96 additional keys can be easily programmed as feature keys, speed call keys, extension keys, direct station select (DSS) keys or line appearance keys. Each key on the PKM has an associated indicator light, which gives the status of that extension or programmed feature. Personal keys can be easily programmed through the phones themselves or using the browser-based configuration tool.


For information on product and application interoperability, please contact us at:  877-NORCOM1 or by email at:

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