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Gigabit Ethernet Stand

Flexible Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity for MiVoice IP Phones

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Mitel® Gigabit Ethernet Stand is a unique peripheral device that enables compatible MiVoice IP phones to
provide Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, offering businesses flexibility and protection of their capital investments as their networks evolve.

Gigabit Ethernet Stand allows computers connected to MiVoice IP phones to access gigabit services. For example, healthcare workers transferring MRI or X-ray information between different buildings or even cities can enable a faster diagnosis and consultation among doctors. Gigabit connectivity can enable distance learning through video in the education sector and empower global engineering companies and professional service firms to share CAD/CAM files or collaborate over video links.

Provides Gigabit Ethernet Compatibility

Gigabit Ethernet Stand allows MiVoice IP phones to operate in a 10/100/1000 Mbits Ethernet (GigE) local area network (LAN) environment, and allows unconstrained Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth from the network to the desktops.

Cost-effective Migration Protects Your VoIP Investment

As an enterprise’s network bandwidth requirements evolve, MiVoice IP phones can migrate to Gigabit connectivity to continue to quickly bring network data and applications to users. By being able to easily add the Gigabit Ethernet Stand to existing phones, network evolution becomes more cost-effective.

Key Features

  • Addresses the requirements of customers with higher bandwidth needs at the desktop

  • Enables MiVoice IP phones to operate in a GbE LAN (10/100/1000 Mb) environment

  • Dual-port 100/1000baseT built into a phone base that attaches easily to existing IP phones provides capital investment protection

  • Stand format easily attaches to MiVoice IP phones, leaving the module slot free for use with Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules, Line Interface Module, Mitel 5310 IP Conference Module or Cordless (DECT) Accessories Module

  • Provides three ports: a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port to connect to the gigabit switch, a Gigabit Ethernet PC port and a 10/100 MB Ethernet connection to the phone.


For information on product and application interoperability, please contact us at:  877-NORCOM1 or by email at:

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