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Business Intelligence Solutions

A system every department will love

From marketing to HR, and every department in between, everyone will benefit from the unparalleled image detail of Avigilon's high-definition solutions. You'll be able to improve training processes, maximize employee engagement and even monitor marketing displays - all from our simple and easy-to-use interface.


Making critical business decisions is impossible without the right information. Gain valuable insights into your business' operations using an Avigilon end-to-end system as a real-time, data gathering and reporting tool.


Focus on your bottom line with Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions. Our broad range of megapixel cameras combined with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software deliver a seamless end-to-end system that provides unparalleled image detail.

Be proactive, not reactive

Start treating your surveillance system as a proactive, intelligence-gathering tool instead of as a reactive, forensic safety and security tool. You'll be able to make intelligent, educated decisions that benfit your entire organization and contribute to the overall strength of your business.

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Solve operational issues

High-definition video footage can provide the insight you need to improve overall operational efficiencies, like analyzing production and manufacturing procedures to maximize output, or monitoring employees to reduce fraud and improve profitability.

Improve store performance

Avigilon's high-definition solutions give you the ability to monitor high-traffic retail environments, providing critical data about customer traffic patterns. This allows you to maximize placement of high-profit merchandise and to ensure the smooth flow of customers through transaction points to increase revenue.

Ensure data centre and network security

With a high-definition system, you can easily monitor IT infrastructure remotely to make critical decisions during outages and keep essential data secure. You'll be able to promptly and efficiently deploy personnel and maintain the integrity of critical business data that is crucial to your success.

Prove Industry Compliance

Surveillance systems can ensure that your organization remains compliant with various industry rules, regulations and best practices. Improper employee safety standards, materials handling and production processes can all result in hefty fines.

Speak to an Avigilon expert

Let the power of Avigilon's high-definition solutions give you the intelligence you need. Speak with one of our experienced product experts to learn more. Just fill out our contact form or call us at 1.877.NORCOM1 to speak to someone right away.

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