Exciting news as Mitel has announced a strategic partnership with RingCentral in which RingCentral is now Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner. At Norcom Solutions, we’re excited to see the best of Mitel and RingCentral as we look forward to continuing to provide our customers best in class communications and collaboration solutions for their business needs. 

RingCentral is now Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner


Federal Law - Section 506 of the RAY BAUM’s Act

Section 506 of the RAY BAUM’s Act requires business phone system are in compliance by January 6. 2021 when making 911 calls.

Is your phone system compliant? Contact Norcom Solutions today to schedule a free consultation to make sure you are in compliance.

Hospitality level badges_Expert.png

Norcom Solutions has been recognized by Mitel as a Hospitality Expert in their Hospitality Program.

Mitel's Hospitality authorized partner program recognizes partners for their accomplishments in multiple areas including availability of Certified Hospitality Technicians, current relationships with hospitality customers, number of hospitality customer references, and technical expertise in providing both premise and cloud-based Hospitality solutions.

As a certified Hospitality Expert, Norcom Solutions specializes in our implementation of Mitel’s unified communications solutions that are tailored to the hospitality industry and creates affordable solutions for hoteliers. Moreover, Norcom Solutions delivers advanced communications that enhance guest experience, improve customer service, and optimize operational productivity and cost.

Mitel is committed to recognizing and rewarding Partner specialist skills and customer focus in a particular technology or vertical. These achievements demonstrate Norcom Solutions competency to serve existing and potential customers according to Mitel Global Partner Program guidelines.


No more with an LTE backup plan from Norcom

When the Internet goes down, businesses come to a grinding halt – credit card transactions can’t be processed, customers get irritated by delays, employees become less productive. Businesses lose revenue for every minute they are without Internet service. And businesses need a back-up Internet solution to protect against a loss of Internet connectivity. These factors all present an opportunity to provide our customers a solution they need!

CoronaVirus 2019 Information Center


As a Trusted Solution Advisor, we have been receiving requests for the best solutions for every need and budget.  We have been communicating with our partners and service providers regarding the requests and have compiled a growing list of solutions that promote public health as well as helping to maintain a team environment during this difficult time.  Please click on button below to go to the full list of offerings.  Note that this list is changing and growing and should be reviewed on a regular basis.

Cyber Security

We deliver a unique Security Fabric that combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control--while providing easier administration.






Major League Baseball

"Mitel is a global leader in providing the kind of sophisticated, custom communications network that addresses the unique needs of Major League Baseball and our 30 Clubs"

Chris Marinak, MLB Executive Vice President, Strategy, Technology & Innovation, Major League Baseball