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Security for the Enterprise

Protect the entire end-to-end infrastructure without compromising performance

Driven by the need to move faster at a global scale while reducing costs, enterprises are experiencing digital transformation (DX). This evolution includes the adoption of new technologies that widen the attack surface, leaving network perimeters vulnerable to advanced threats, resulting in a complex security environment. The Fortinet Security Fabric segments the entire network—from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the cloud—to provide superior protection against sophisticated threats   

Security Fabric for the Enterprise

The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers a unified approach that is broad, integrated, and automated. Reduce and manage the attack surface through integrated broad visibility, stop advanced threats through integrated AI-driven breach prevention, and reduce complexity through automated operations and orchestration.


FortiOS 6.2: Expanding the Security Fabric for Security-driven Networking


Fortinet's SaaS cloud-native WAF keeps pace with both digital transformation and the attack surface. 
FortiOS 6.2, the latest version of Fortinet’s security operating system, powers the entire Security Fabric, helping customers reduce and manage the attack surface, prevent advanced threats, and reduce complexity.

Network Security


Gain high-performance networking and security from the enterprise to branch. Fortinet Network Security enables complete visibility and provides automated threat protection across the entire attack surface.

Multi-Cloud Security

Enable secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. Fortinet Multi-Cloud Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across a variety of cloud infrastructures.

Secure Access


There is no slowing the growth of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications. Ensure secure application and device access and management without compromising performance.


Security Operations


Deliver advanced threat intelligence to detect, prevent, and respond sophisticated malware. Fortinet Security Operations solutions also help achieve compliance and improve overall security awareness. 

Network Operations


Implement a security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations to help prevent network breaches. Fortinet’s solution provides an integrated security architecture to unify siloed environments.


Endpoint and Device Protection


Ensure networks are secure from the latest threats with proactive endpoint protection. Fortinet provides the critical Internet of Things (IoT) and device security for visibility and control of all devices across the network.

Application Security


Protect frequently targeted business web applications. Fortinet’s Application Security Solution delivers a robust and integrated set of products to protect applications from advanced threats. 


Fabric Connector Automation


Fortinet Fabric Connectors provide open, API-based integration and orchestration with multiple software-defined network (SDN), cloud, management, and partner technology platforms. 



Partner-developed integration using Fabric APIs to provide a broad range of pre-validated solutions, from IoT to the cloud, ready for development.

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