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Multi-Service Business Platform

The family of Mitel Multi-Service Business Platforms allows companies of all sizes to deploy Mitel MiCloud and MiVoice software in a wide range of communication environments.

Mitel 3300 Controllers

Multi-Service Business Platform

The family of Mitel 3300 Controllers provides the flexibility to deploy the Mitel MiCloud & MiVoice software in many environments – as a full IP-PBX with all services, trunks, and legacy connections integrated; as a media gateway for larger networks; or as a connection to legacy services for those choosing to run the MiVoice Business software on Industry Standard Servers, or as the enterprise edge for centralized networks that require survivable solutions for their remote sites.

The CX Controllers can be deployed for the smaller business, or as part of the enterprise edge for large networks – in this capacity, the controllers can either be deployed as a survivable branch solution for centralized deployments, or as a dedicated PBX operating as part of a larger distributed network.

  • The MXe Controller offers greater scalability in terms of user and trunk capacity, and also offers hard drive and power redundancy.

  • The MXe Server can operate as a high density user controller for larger enterprise deployments.

  • The AX Controller is ideal for high density analog requirements, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger network deployment.

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Mitel 3300 AX Controller Front.jpeg
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