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Norcom's Exclusive Mitel Partnership

What does that mean? 

“As a Mitel Exclusive Business Partner, Norcom is held to an even higher standard of accountability in the servicing of its customers before, during and after the sale. They continually meet and surpass the highest levels of technical expertise, integrity and superior customer care we require of all of our authorized service providers.”

- Kevin Beede, Regional Vice President


“Mitel is proud of its partnership with Norcom. As an Exclusive Business Partner, they provide businesses with proven solutions to address their unique business needs and improve processes that directly impact their bottom line.”

- Richard McBee, Mitel CEO



“Norcom and Mitel are equal partners in every sense of the word. Together, we work with you to provide the kind of communications solutions that enable you to focus on what’s most important – running your business, not worrying about your communication system.”

- Ron Wellard, Mitel COO

A Shared Philosophy

Norcom has been built by zealously maintaining a clear focus on addressing immediate business needs combined with a consistent vision of the future. With a concentration focused on improving the whole of an organization with useful tools, in contrast to a more one-dimensional deployment of technology for technology’s sake, we have fostered long-term, trusted partnerships with our clients.


Through our high-level vantage point, we share in the successes and challenges of our clients. The underpinning of growth and achievement of a corporation in today’s world is significantly tied to the communication infrastructure. We acutely understand this responsibility and act accordingly to ensure the systems are the locomotive to the overall driving force of the business.


The principles on which Norcom stands are paralleled by Mitel as a manufacturer. Mitel was established with, and has adhered to, a steadfast commitment of integrity and dedication to its distribution network and end users. They are keenly aware of the mission critical nature of the telecommunication systems to a company. The stability of the core products in tandem with the robust open architecture capability and performance of the advanced applications are the manifestations of this primary value.


As an Exclusive Business Partner, Norcom assures our clients uncompromised expertise in all interactions with our team. While core features will overlap from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is our partner relationship with Mitel and focal point of concentration to optimize the complex applications that ultimately provide enormous benefits to our clients.

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