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MiCollab Audio Web and Video Conferencing

Be more productive with the collaboration capabilities available with MiCollab audio, web and video conferencing. It's the ultimate video conference solution

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Let your employees be more productive with the rich collaboration capabilities available through MiCollab audio, web and video conferencing, including scheduled and ad-hoc conferences, desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, and a web-based collaboration viewer.

Key business benefits of MiCollab Audio Web and Video Conferencing include

Build Stronger Relationships


​Connect people quickly and simply, regardless of location.

Enhance Productivity and Innovation


Connect more people to more resources and streamline business processes, letting you make better decisions.

Improve Customer Responsiveness


Quickly establish a conference call or a web collaboration session, resolving your customer’s inquiry more quickly.

Reduce Costs


Help the bottom line by cutting travel expenses and by eliminating employee downtime while in transit.

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