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About Wesley Clover Solutions

Trust Market Leading Expertise

Wesley Clover Solutions was formed to meet the growing demand from enterprises with mission-critical voice applications for expertise in managing the transition from legacy to next-generation voice communications. We help customers realize the potential of new technologies while reducing costs, complexity and risk.

We provide advanced voice communications platforms and systems to enterprises and public safety organizations. With these solutions, financial firms, command and control, and emergency services centers maintain the vital links with customers, partners, suppliers, internal and in-field personnel at all times. They keep the flow of critical information moving and the conversation going by placing direct control over interactive multimedia interactions in the hands of employees.

Our IP-based voice platforms are built on a history of innovation. They were the first enterprise-grade, software-oriented, VMware® and server-based platforms. And they ignited the trend away from monolithic, legacy voice systems towards converged, server-based IP solutions that are both scalable and distributed.

Today, our solutions provide robust, scalable, application-rich, IP-based voice communications to customers in more than 100 cities around the world. They enable enterprises and public safety organizations to significantly reduce space and power requirements, virtualize their voice applications, and assure operations continuity.

Key Solutions for your Business

  • Command & Control

  • Trading Phone 

  • Trading Turret

  • Turret

  • Voice over IP

  • Virtual

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