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Take Control of Your Facility

Providing best of breed Emergency Notification Service and control, StaffAlerter is the only solution you need.

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Anyone who is responsible for keeping groups of employees, customers, students or parents informed, needs the communication power of StaffAlerter. Developed originally for the K-12 market, StaffAlerter by virtue of it’s advanced distributed architecture design leverages the latest in IoT technology, Cloud processing and advanced communication services assures any message for any person or group will be delivered regardless of the condition of facility power or network infrastructure.

What makes StaffAlerter better than the current Emergency Notification Systems?


Physical Layer

The StaffAlerter appliance is located on the premise and connected to wi-fi or cellular networks processdirectphysical inputs from devices or people in the facility. These events activate custom rules managed by the customer which are designed to send alerts to staff, control outputs as needed and communicate to other StaffAlerter appliances located on the network.

Web Control Layer

Custom URL portal allows customers to create and manage Web Action Keys® which can be activated by any device that can be reached over the web.

Cloud Layer

Designed with ultimate survivability in mind, Cloud Action Keys® are user created and controlled, allowing messages to be sent to users or groups, even during facility system failure, this capability allows StaffAlerter to be on duty 24/7 regardless of facility status. Only StaffAlerter combines all these functions into one easy to manage, easy to deploy system capable of serving a small site with a small group of contacts through an enterprise of any size or spread across any region from a single Web Portal.

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Logical layout of StaffAlerter Functions and Application Support

Are you able to notify your staff?

StaffAlerter™ from PM Power Products provides users with a powerful, flexible, completely programmable Mass Alerting system that can process inputs, notify selected personnel during a crisis and take action.

StaffAlerter™ is a custom solution for command and communication in the event of an emergency. In addition, routine monitoring of vital process is also possible. 


Multiple events can be configured with activation through a phone system, contact switches, manually activated switches and with wireless panic buttons. Upon activation StaffAlerter™ follows a predetermined program written for specific inputs.

The StaffAlerter™ notifications can consist of a text message, an email, an automated voice call with text to speech, social media, application alert or a combination of any or all notifications. Additionally, any of the system outputs can be programmed to follow an input option or via a direct user input. 


StaffAlerter™ is equipped with built in battery backup and is designed to operate over your Wi-Fi network as its primary communication path. Cellular backup is available as an option to provide operation regardless of network or power availability.

Due to the unique capabilities of StaffAlerter™, each installation will be custom tailored to ensure end user requirements are met. StaffAlerter™ is a managed solution ensuring all customer changes are supported on a 24/7 basis. In addition, all critical operational functions, power state, on line status, Wi-Fi activity and
signal levels, and command confirmations are supported and reported to you and monitored by our support center.

StaffAlerter™ can work with any PBX system and can be fully integrated into the Ericsson-LG iPECS IP telephony product line.

StaffAlerter™ can be combined with the PM Power Products Opti-Switch™, Vis-A-Ring™ and Tel-A-Control.

Examples of Supported Situations

  • Suspicious persons alert

  • Bomb threat

  • Active shooter

  • School bus route delay notification

  • Severe weather warning

  • Industrial accident

  • Hazardous materials event

  • Critical function alert for industrial monitoring

  • Any activity or event that requires immediate reporting

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