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Key Industry Use Case Edition: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning for Cloud-Managed Networking


AI and Machine Learning are set to make a huge impact on enterprise networking over the next few years. As we continue to see exponential growth in the number of devices on our networks, we need additional tools to help manage and optimize how networks function. With the current IoT explosion, IT departments are looking for tools to finetune networks to handle IoT devices while still ensuring a stable connection for end-user devices.

What is AI and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with simulating “intelligent” behavior in computers. Machine learning refers to a branch of AI where computer systems are fed large amounts of data, which they use to learn how to execute a specific task. Think of Machine Learning as a way to look at large data sets that can then reinforce AI decisions made by computer processors.

How does AI and Machine Learning Impact Networking? 

As we continue to ask more of our networking technology, AI and Machine Learning will help IT departments be proactive in responding to new threats, new services, and new trends. No longer will you have to react to problems on the back end. AI technology, fed by Machine Learning, will enable network management systems to proactively alert you to new problems, help analyze new trends, and make smart recommendations.

Up Next: Key Industry Use-Cases

Over the next few weeks, we will explore how AI and Machine Learning will impact education, retail,  healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and more. 

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