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Delta Five™ Advanced Bed Bug Detection System Helps Safeguard a New Hotel From Guest-Pest Encounters

With traditional inspection methods delivering an insufficiently effective solution for preventing bed bug infestations, the Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford installed 235 Delta Five electronic lures after construction in 2017, and subsequently, has had zero guest-pest counters.

RALEIGH, N.C., June 25, 2019 ( - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The installation of an advanced bed bug detection system from Delta Five Systems, LLC, a supplier of innovative solutions to stop bed bugs using computer vision, biological science, and cloud technology, has proven to be a smart investment for a newly-constructed hotel located near Hartford, Connecticut. Realizing early on that traditional bed bug management methods would not provide a sufficiently effective solution for preventing infestations, managers at the Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford had the Delta Five™Automated Bed Bug Detection System installed after construction at their property in September 2017, and as a result, there have been zero bed bug infestations and zero guest/pest encounters as of June of this year.

"We know bed bugs can't be avoided, since guests eventually bring them onto the property," said Linzi T. Bell, general manager, Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford. "Since traditional inspection methods don't adequately help prevent infestations, we needed to protect our investment, and the best way to do so was with the Delta Five™ Automated Bed Bug Detection System, which enables us to find the bed bugs before they find the guests."

As a newly constructed hotel, there had never been a bed bug found on property. However, since bed bugs are unavoidable because they usually enter - one or two at a time - via unsuspecting guests, hotel management at the Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford wanted to ensure every possible effort was made to reduce the chance of guests encountering bed bugs, and thus, sought to safeguard their new property by installing 235 Delta Five electronic lures in all 139 guest rooms. The devices can detect a single bed bug before guests, hotel staff, pest management providers or canines, while delivering proactive 24/7 monitoring of guest rooms to attract and trap the bugs. Once a bed bug is found, a notification is transmitted instantly over WiFi to the hotel staff, who are alerted via text or email. The cloud-based system retains capture data and enables hoteliers to track trends and forecast potential issues.

"When missed, a single bed bug can grow into an infestation, which can be particularly damaging to the reputation of new properties looking to both jumpstart their revenue upon opening and build a client base," said Delta Five Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Al Safarikas. "With our revolutionary technology, the Delta Five™ Automated Bed Bug Detection System actively works to stop bed bugs before an infestation occurs, thus, saving new hotels from significant costs associated with expensive heat treatments or other remediation."

For more information about the Delta Five™ Automated Bed Bug Detection System, please email:

About Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford The Hilton Garden Inn Wallingford is a recently constructed 139-room hotel conveniently located near Hartford, Connecticut. The property is a Select Service hotel that caters to business and leisure travelers. The hotel's flexible meeting spaces are a frequent choice for corporate meetings, but also host many SMERF (social/sports, military, education, religious, and fraternal) organizations' events.

About Delta Five Systems Delta Five Systems is transforming the way the hospitality industry deals with bed bugs by using advanced technology to stop bed bugs when they come in and prevent infestations before they can start. Applying biological science, computer vision, and cloud technology, the Delta Five system can find a single bed bug before it finds a guest and notify hotel management immediately. Delta Five technology is currently deployed in thousands of hotel rooms, safeguarding the guest experience, protecting hotel reputations, and enabling significant cost savings.

Hospitality Media Contact: Stacy Silver Silver Hospitality Group (954) 306-0747

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