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The Top Five Telecom Innovations of 2019 to Date

Telecommunications across the world has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The problem becomes technology has advanced at such a fast rate that new advancements have to do more than increase results only a single leap.

2019 is shaping up to be a year of massive potential for telecom innovations, but will it all be enough?

Let’s see what is in store for the year and what changes they can bring.

Telecom Innovations

The telecommunications industry is reaching a major tipping point in how the world interacts. In the last few years alone, there have been a wealth of major breakthroughs in how we communicate and do business across the globe.

What does 2019 offer? There are many new pushes in the industry, but whether they will change how we think is still up in the air.

The Top Five of 2019

2019 has already started turned out to be an exciting year in the world of telecommunications. There have been many ups and down, and many ideas from 2018 have only gotten stronger.

Here are five of the biggest trends that are going strong in the telecommunication industry.

1. The Spread of 5G

The 5th generation of mobile internet connection networks, 5G represents the next wave of wireless communication tech.

As with all previous bursts in network connections, 5G offers a wide boost in speed and stability. These new networks will give a massive reinforcement of data infrastructure.

The main concern now is in the ability to set up and connect the 5G networks. 5G still remains a small enough upgrade over 4G that replacing the network is not always the most cost-effective.

Still, many expect 5G to become the network of choice by 2020.

The spread of 5G to Europe is one of the biggest obstacles. Europe has already crafted a very secure and connective 4G network, and removing that for 5G will be a difficult sell.

2. Everything-as-a-Service Model

This model, often shorted to XaaS, has become a very popular trend in telecommunications and business in general.

The idea is to craft any and all services and make them available via the internet. This effort has reduced the need and desires for products and services that are only available locally.

This model is perfect for the telecommunications business and has pushed many businesses to consolidate their properties to better fit this business model. Several companies have made alliance deals or even mergers to better fit this model.

The trend will not stop here. As digital distribution grows and internet connectivity skyrockets, the demand for all but the most physical of services as pure digital products will increase.

3. User-Friendly API

The embrace of digitalization has brought a lot of influential trends to the telecommunications industry. One major one is the integration of voice and streamlined messaging.

This trend has put a major decrease in the need for developer expertise. Now, anyone with a basic understanding of a system can use its tools.

API, or Application Programming Interface, will soon shape how the world, both consumer and developer, interacts with any given system. This will only boom as the years go on, making this a long-lasting trend to keep an eye on.

The end result of this movement will give a heavy dose of integration between IT departments and the rest of the company.

Furthering this integration through faster and more powerful networks could also make remote development a more prominent idea.

4. The Power of Edge Computing

The idea behind Edge computing builds upon the revolution that was Cloud computing. With Edge computing, you grow out the Cloud to become less of a centralized force and focus it in more intense, regional connections.

The idea works to remove a lot of strain and effort on the cloud servers itself. When you interact with a system that is cloud-based, it had to send communications back and forth between the system proper and the cloud.

With Edge computing, you can put more processing power in the hands of the device proper, giving it a smoother connection to the cloud and other relevant servers as a byproduct.

The challenge comes in how best to put forth a monetizing program for this. Edge computer can give you an increase in productivity and potential, but not at an exponential rate as to revolutionize the entire process.

Edge computer and 5G connections will often link together a lot in this regard. Both systems are upgrades to an already working system.

Many telecom companies are tying them together in the hopes that combined they can make a potent effort that changes people’s mind.

5. Network Optimization Using AI

Now that network speed is blazing forward, telecommunications turns to network stability. 5G opens the gate, but many are looking to AI to hold it open.

AI programs can help monitor the potential changes to a network as it happens. They can even react in real time. These AI guard dogs can help prevent the most disastrous network crashes by warning of dangers before they even happen.

This optimization lines up right with the increased availability of AI to burgeoning businesses. If played right, smart telecom companies can supplement the growing power of networks with AI programs, making the entire structure an easier sell.

The Era of Communal Communications

One of the biggest takeaways from the trends in 2019 has been a widespread integration of both the user and the company.

Every system and technology used in communications is facing radical changes in how they interact with both us and each other.

Will AI be the bridge that connects us? Will 5G become the dominant norm of communication servers? Will Edge computing revolutionize how our devices interact with each other? The year is still young, and much has yet to be set in stone.

The Future is Now

The power of these telecom innovations is making a mark on the way the world does business. Will they keep up their potent trends and revolutionize the way we view communications as a whole?

The future may not be as clear as some may want it to be on the subject, but one thing is certain. If you want help in getting the most out of your telecommunications, Norcom is here to help!

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