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Guide to Finding a New Phone System, Step 3

A step-by-step approach to finding the best solutions for your business

Step 3: Select a Deployment Model

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to host your communications network yourself on-premises or if you want to deploy it in a cloud model.



With a premises-based solution, your entire phone system is housed on your organization’s premises and your staff maintains the network. Some organizations insist on this model because they want to maintain control over all their data. But finances should be considered. Premises-based deployments require substantial up-front investment in infrastructure. And you also have to consider the cost of staffing personnel to manage and maintain the network. CLOUD SOLUTION

As storage and bandwidth charges fall, cloud solutions are becoming more affordable for businesses wishing to reduce licensing costs and IT staff, and focus on growing their business. They require a low up-front investment and no software or hardware and licensing. You pay only for what you use.

Some companies shy away from cloud deployments because they don’t like to relinquish control over their network, or they believe it isn’t as secure as a premises-based solution. This, however, is a myth. Cloud solutions can be highly secure and reliable. In fact, they may be more so when you consider the disasters that can strike a workplace, such as power outages and weather-related events.


A hybrid deployment utilizes premises-based and cloud solutions to build a network that’s right for your organization. It lets you maintain control where you want it and use your existing infrastructure, resulting in a significant cost savings, flexibility and scalability. A hybrid solution can save your business thousands of dollars from having to upgrade its entire LAN infrastructure to accommodate IP-only phones. You do not have to invest in a purely cloud solution.

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