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5 Benefits of SIP-DECT in Hospitality

Last week, we took a look at practical applications of DECT technology in the fast-paced and highly mobile healthcare industry. Today, let’s turn our focus to the benefits of SIP-DECT in the customer-service oriented hospitality landscape.

Consider the example of a hotel. Hotels have a lot of moving pieces, to say the least. Visitors interact with a variety of hotel staff, from the receptionist that checks them in, to the concierge that provides them directions, to the housekeeper that cleans their rooms. How do you keep all these moving pieces connected? How can their communications infrastructure empower them to do their jobs more effectively?

Freedom of Mobility

SIP-DECT keeps all employees reachable no matter where they are in a hotel, motel or other hospitality premises, including hallways and outdoor areas. As users roam, SIP-DECT facilitates a seamless handover between radio cells to provide a seamless connection. To provide limitless mobility on the property, Mitel SIP-DECT handsets use unique technology to deliver superior speech quality in environments where radio signals are typically disrupted, such as shipping/receiving areas or underground parking garages.

Easy Handset Sharing

Hospitality workers can log in on any registered handset to access their personal user profile. This facilitates easy sharing between shift workers – who simply log off at the end of their shift and hand off to the employee taking over – and minimizes the amount of handsets needed (which reduces the overall cost of implementation).

Messaging for Streamlined Alerts

SIP-DECT’s messaging functionality simplifies and expedites quick communications that don’t necessitate a phone call. For example, maintenance workers can instantly receive alerts on their handsets indicating new issues for repair, such as a broken air conditioner or showerhead.

Designed for the Work Day

No need to fumble with the phone while trying to complete a task. Handsets equipped with headset jacks and Bluetooth compatibility enable hands-free working—allowing front desk staff to check with housekeeping if a visitor’s room is ready while entering their check-in details, for instance. The Mitel SIP-DECT lineup of handsets is also designed for durability, with models capable of withstanding rough handling and even offering scratch-resistant displays.

Employee Protection

Alarm systems can be integrated to protect staff in emergency events. In the case of a fire, for example, handset users will not only receive notification of the fire but also the exact location of the fire in order to properly evacuate and avoid further danger. Locating services can also be used to drastically reduce the time it takes to find an employee on your hospitality premises. Users can initiate an alarm using the emergency call button. And man-down, escape, and no-movement alarms can be automatically set off from the handset.

What’s Next?

Learn more about Mitel SIP-DECT or contact us for more information.

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