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Bite into your first impression with creative ways that stand out.  Your business content and creative is of the utmost importance and we offer a suite of products and services to help you implement them.


One source. Many applications.


SHARC Creative.

Get Sold On Hold

We customize the messages you hear when placed on hold. We help keep callers on the line longer, inform them about exciting promotions and this leads to more sales! Sharc will write, produce with professional "On Air" Radio Talent, mix with appropriate music, and upload to the SHARC BOX that is connected to the company phone system. Sharc will then make the appropriate amount of changes per year that is crafted for each individual businesses need.

The Power of Audio with Sharc Media

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, SHARC can offer you media placement for both terrestrial and digital radio. The power of audio is bone-tingling deep; audio taps into your emotion and can make lasting impressions of a lifetime. SHARC will not only assist in the media placement and planning, but we will produce your creative too!

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Voice Talent

Music Library

Thematic Audio Logos

Media Resources

Mobile Ad Messenger

SHARC Creative is excited to introduce our newest product — SHARC Bite Mobile Ad Messenger!

What if we told you we could carve out the area you want to reach, the demographic you want to reach, and send a "scrolling" message — a "sharc bite" — along the bottom of the users' mobile devices? We at SHARC Creative are doing just that, and it's working. Our service gets a 300% higher CTR (click through rate) than the industry average because of the dynamic, scrolling nature. It's like a news flash on the bottom of the phone!

Contact us today to find out more about this new service. Take the plunge with SHARC Creative!

Thematic Audio Logos

If you want to make your production more memorable, we can customize a thematic audio logo for your business. Click on a logo to check out some samples of our work below!


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