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Innovatively evade cyber-assaults

Don’t be a target. Go dark with MiStealth from Mitel

Keep Critical Infrastructure Secure

Innovative Security for Targeted Data and Systems

Today’s security is not good enough. Building larger
fortresses using traditional technologies is not the
right approach to defend against today’s accelerating
frequency, scale, and sophistication of cyber-attacks.
There is a simpler, more secure, and cost-effective way to protect your most sensitive, mission-critical data and networks.

Mitel’s MiStealth takes a radically different approach to
protecting data and systems critical to your operations, your constituents, and your reputation.


Go invisible. Reduce your attack surface.

MiStealth innovative software-based security is
designed to make communication endpoints invisible to unauthorized users and secure data-in-motion across any network. MiStealth is designed to:

• Strengthen security
• Reduce costs
• Facilitate compliance
• Improve agility and manageability

MiStealth Tackles Today’s Mission-Critical Cybersecurity Priorities

XP Isolation. Quarantine systems unable to migrate from Windows XP by April 8, 2014.

Data Center Segmentation. Compartmentalize the
data center and make endpoints undetectable to
unauthorized users inside and outside the enterprise.


Mobile. Extend security from the data center to mobile applications.

Regional Isolation. Protect data-in-motion to and from untrustworthy or hostile regions.

Secure Remote Access. Control need-to-know access
to sensitive information for teleworkers, customers, and partners.

Secure Virtual Terminal. Secure and enable access
via a secure USB-based device into a safe operating
environment practically anywhere in the world.


Cloud. Safeguard critical workloads in the cloud.

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