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MiCloud Connect

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MiCloud Connect lets you move communications and collaboration to the cloud with confidence. Featuring collaboration to make teams more productive, enhanced customer experience tools, global presence and improved business intelligence with integrations, you can connect your business communications in the cloud.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Mitel Connect Contact Center nurtures profitable customer relationships by phone, chat and email.

Key Benefits

Global Presence

Mitel Connect Global Numbers provide multi-national organizations a local presence in multiple countries via DIDs and International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFS).

Improve Business Intelligence

Mitel Connect advanced apps and integrations maximize the value of CRM and other business process programs.

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How It All Works

With MiCloud, you get a business phone system that just works, but for those of you interested in what’s under the hood, let’s break it down. The brains of the system reside in our geo-redundant data centers and continue to provide service even in the rare event one goes down. Information and voice calls securely traverse the public Internet to reach their final destination using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP). Employees enjoy the same communications functionality regardless of whether they’re are in an office, on the road, or working from home.

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CRM and Business Process Integrations

Put more power behind every customer touchpoint with cloud phone services that integrate with popular productivity apps like Salesforce®, ACT!® and Microsoft Dynamics®. Embedded calling features, integrated call and customer histories help provide a more holistic picture of business performance, while making interactions easier for employees and customers alike.

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Robust Cloud Phone System Features

No need to combine disjointed cloud tools from multiple vendors any longer. MiCloud Connect is an end-to-end cloud phone and unified communications solution that handles everything for you—from phones to applications to network operations—for solid performance. 

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Tolly Enterprises Favors Mitel MiCloud Flex Over Solutions From 8x8 and RingCentral

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Business Communications Continuity

​MiCloud Connect is architected with enterprise-class security measures and redundancy at network, infrastructure and application layers to maximize uptime and scalability. In addition, cloud phone services are backed by Mitel’s cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) for added reassurance. And in the unlikely event that a disaster prevents Mitel’s primary data center from servicing communications, MiCloud Connect disaster recovery process migrates service to a redundant data center located in a different geographic region in order to mitigate risk. 

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Easy to Get Started, Convenient Ongoing Support

The transition to a new cloud phone system doesn’t have to be painful. Mitel’s customer success teams make sure you’re supported every step of the way with professional services, “Jump Start” and “Expert Start” options, on-demand support and training and VoIP phones with a built-in help button. 

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Exceptional User Experience

Cloud-based communications and collaboration that make everyday meetings and interactions easier than ever with enterprise-grade VoIP phone services, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing and multi-point video. All with powerful, yet simple, administration for IT teams. 

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