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The Future of Unified Notifications

When an emergency occurs, your organization needs a fast and effective way to notify people to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, many solutions used to alert and communicate with others during critical situations lack the capabilities needed to address the changing needs of the modern workplace. While they are perfect for informing those who are on-site, many were just not designed to embrace today’s mobile-centric world.

Meet Mitel Revolution

Mitel Revolution was built for today’s modern world, embracing our mobile-centric society with support for mobile device notification and event triggering so that everyone can be kept safe, informed, and connected - no matter their location. 

With capabilities such as two-way messaging, multimedia push notifications, and support for geofencing— you can go beyond on-premise only to provide people with critical information based upon their location or proximity to the incident zone.

However, Mitel Revolution can not only dramatically improve the safety and security of your organization and everyone within it but can also be leveraged to deliver efficient mass notifications for your noncritical communications needs, such as special announcements or facility-wide paging with your employees, visitors, patients, students, or bystanders that are located inside or near your facility.

Adaptable to Your Notification Needs

Since no two events are ever the same and not everyone shares the same preferred methods of communication, Mitel Revolution provides boundless possibilities to be tailored to address the notification needs of your organization.

With Mitel Revolution, you can communicate effectively and efficiently in virtually any situation using its adaptable architecture that provides:

  • Unlimited creation of live, pre-recorded, or scheduled broadcast events

  • Activations initiated from on or off-premise devices 

  • Multimodal notifications to desktop devices, mobile devices, overhead speakers, email, loud horns, strobes, digital/LED signs, and more

  • Integration with SMS services to alert via text messages

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with automated alerts and early-warning systems

  • Geo-location controls to ensure mobile recipients receive relevant information based on their current location

  • Multilingual text-to-speech engine support to translate dynamic text into intelligible audio broadcasts

  • And a whole lot more

Notifications Made Easy as One, Two, Three

Mitel Revolution-BR-763605-MRN001-20519-

STEP 1 - Define your communications method for each scenario 

What do you want the event to do? For example, provide one or two-way audio, play a pre-recorded message, and/or send specific text and images

STEP 2 - Define how your notification should be initiated 

What will trigger the event? For example, select from endpoints like panic buttons, access control systems, sensors, alarms, Mitel Revolution apps, and more

STEP 3 - Define which endpoints to send the notification to 

What devices do you want the event delivered to? Such as the large variety of internal endpoints, external devices, and third-party services supported by Mitel Revolution


How can you benefit

Some common users for Mitel Revolution include:

  • One-touch building lock downs triggered via silent alarms using integrated panic buttons or dialing a set number

  • Automatic sending of alerts from external early-warning systems to everyone  across the organization, facility, or campus

  • Notifying stores of delay notices, product issues, product recalls, or important policy changes with actions to perform • Sending customers reminders of appointments or of a temporary closing of the facility

  • Sending promotion details, coupons and loyalty programs to customers

  • Automated notifications to parents of unexpected or planned closing of schools

  • Using the channel of choice, customers notify managers and staff of tasks that require immediate actions

  • Creation of school bell schedules and daily announcements


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