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About Martello Technologies

Who We Are

Founded in 2009, Martello Technologies is a private company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with staff in Canada, the United States and France. Martello develops fault & performance management solutions for unified communications (UC) systems, with a specialization in Mitel UC solutions.

Backed by Wesley Clover International, the investment management firm and holding company of Sir Terence Matthews, Martello has a world class team featuring seasoned hi-tech veterans and ambitious new grads. Together, we are driving growth and continually expanding and diversifying our offerings.

  • Deployed in 5,000+ networks

  • Managing and monitoring more than 10,000 devices

  • Working with 50+ resellers and service providers, in 18 countries around the world


What We Do


Martello’s MarWatch software as a service (SaaS) delivers fault & performance management capabilities for Mitel UC systems. Today’s cloud-based business communications systems are increasingly complex, yet the expectation of reliability and uptime has never been greater. Martello’s solution addresses this problem with tools that help IT professionals proactively avoid downtime  and maintain high service quality – all while reducing their costs.


83% of IT professionals reported that troubleshooting was as difficult or worse after deploying cloud technologies.


Unified Communications refers to the modern business communications network. In the past, business communications really meant the telephone, and then the telephone and facsimile. Today, businesses rely on multiple tools to communicate – the telephone (desk phone and mobile), email, instant messaging, voice mail, audio, video and web conferencing. As these tools grow in number, and increasingly move into the cloud, the business communications network becomes more complex and difficult to manage. Martello’s MarWatch monitors and manages the components of these networks, detecting issues before they can impact service quality.

90% of the time taken to resolve problems is finding where the problem is, and 73% of network problems are identified by end users calling in, rather than the IT department.
– Zeus Karravala, ZK Research 2014

Martello Technologies in the News

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