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Contact Center AI

Improve your customer experience & operational efficiency with human-like conversational Al  


Unlocking the Transformative Power of AI for Contact Centers with Google Cloud and Mitel

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform contact centers and improve customer experience without compromising on operational efficiency. It will empower leading brands to make customers happier and increase customer lifetime value.

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Get happier customers & more productive human agents


Contact Center Al (CCAI) offers better customer care from the first "Hello." Use Google's world-class conversational Al to make the contact center experience more satisfying for your customers, more productive for your human agents, and move the metrics that matter-increase CSAT and improve deflection and resolution rates, all while decreasing average handle times and cost. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds-industry-leading technology and easy implementation-without having to hire your own machine learning experts 

Integrate CCAI directly with your current Mitel implementation and get instant access to the conversational core that unlocks the ability to understand, talk, and interact in a natural, human-like manner. We then apply that centralized intelligence to address your core customer, agent, and operational needs.

Key Benefits

  • Customers have 24/7 access to human-like conversational service with no wait times (Virtual Agent)

  • Human agents can focus on more complex cases, close them faster and more helpfully, leading to higher satisfaction (Agent Assist)

  • Get deeper insights about business drivers so you can train human agents more efficiently on the topics that matter most (Insights)

Mitel and Google Cloud Contact Center Al


Google Cloud and Mite! have worked together to provide you with fully-integrated CCAI in Mitel's MiContact Center Business customer experience platform. CCAI brings together leading Al and CX technology to help you lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the agent experience-all in an easy-to-deploy low-to no-code solution. 

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