Trade Up to Integrated, Interactive Multimedia Communications and Call Recording Solutions

Give your traders a competitive edge and increase productivity with integrated, interactive multimedia communications on our Crossover Series of IP desktop platforms, Eclipse IP Series Desktop devices and IP Recording System.

Cost-effective, secure solutions

Norcom's flexible solutions fit the needs of financial services organizations in all sectors.

Crossover IP Trader Phone
Break away from one-size-fits-all trading turret solutions with trader phones engineered to suit every trader profile, from trading assistant to power trader to portfolio manager.
Advanced Trader Phone
Advanced Trader Crossover IP Phone with color touch screen provides a large backlit graphic display.
Rugged Lite Turret
The Wesley Clover Solutions XP-22 Lite Turret is a rugged, 48-line IP trading desktop system that provides trading floor staff with the core capabilities and features of a traditional turret in a compact, rugged, and easy-to-use form factor.

As part of our Crossover Series of IP phone systems, the XP-22 is designed for dynamic, high-activity call environments where trading floor staff work in teams, share lines and require one-touch access to many lines and speed-dials.
Full-Featured IP Trading Turret
Our Crossover Series IP Trading Turret is a full-featured, dual port, dual mode enterprise-class financial trading voice system engineered specifically for the high call volumes of trading environments.

As part of our Crossover Series of IP-based voice communications solutions, this trading turret is designed for trading floor staff work in teams, share lines and require one-touch access to many lines and speed-dials. It is engineered to work the way you work.
Always-on Communications
Our Voice Trading Applications Platform (VTAP) is an end-to-end, SIP-based, integrated hard speaker solution that enables instant, always-on communications for financial traders, as well as command and control environments. It can be a stand-alone speaker system or fully integrated with the Crossover Trading Devices.
Eclipse IP Series Command Module
Take command of all communications. The stand-alone Eclipse IP Series command module combines all the functionality of traditional turret systems, the ease of use of desktop phones, and the latest touch screen technologies in one streamlined, cost-effective package.
Engineered for Versality
The versatile, stand-alone Eclipse command module is designed to fit the demands of financial traders, command and control users like utilities, or emergency services. It is available in single or dual handset configurations. It gives users instant access to real-time voice, video, and data communications.
Add Functionality, When You Need It
Our Eclipse Series Desktop platforms allows you to add all the features and functions you need, when you need them, so you can configure your Eclipse system to fit the way you work.

The full-featured Eclipse command module can be combined with one or two key modules to create a complete interactive communication center.
IP Recording System
Wesley Clover Solutions IP recording systems are ideal for enterprises and financial institutions that need to archive daily voice and data communications to stay compliant with regional or federal regulations.
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