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“Round-Up” With Norcom and End Hunger!

We are excited to announce a new round-up program that seeks to assist area non-profits that help those in need throughout our community, and we invite you, our customers, to participate!

Norcom Solutions is proud to announce that we're teaming up with Feeding Westchester to make a difference as we’re committed to supporting a network that expertly sources and distributes food and resources to feed people who are hungry in every town in Westchester. Driven by the belief that access to healthy food is a basic right for all people, Feeding Westchester leads hunger action programs and mobilizes the resources needed to eradicate hunger in Westchester County.

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Feeding Westchester by also supporting their efforts in providing more than seven million meals to people who are hungry across the county every year. They are at the heart of a network that expertly sources and distributes food and resources to feed people who are hungry in every town in Westchester, nourishing all who need it.

Round-Up Program

With every proposal and work order authorization (WOA) we send out, there will be a “Round Up Section” allowing our customers to round-up their amount, which Norcom Solutions will match!  Customer bills and proposals will reflect a “Round-Up Section” showing the round-up amount, which offers them the opportunity to participate and make a charitable donation. The money generated from the round-up will, in turn, be distributed to Feeding Westchester.

Won’t you join us in this collective effort to make a positive difference across our region? Like other charitable initiatives, we recognize that our collective efforts have a bigger and broader impact and truly make a difference. All of this remains possible because of our many customers, partners, and friends.

About Feeding Westchester

Feeding Westchester is a member of Feeding America, the nationwide network of more than 200 food banks serving every state in the United States. Feeding Westchester’s mission is to end hunger in Westchester County.  As the heart of a network of more than 300 partners, they source and distribute food and other resources to towns across Westchester, helping to ensure that none of our neighbors are hungry.

About Norcom Solutions Group


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To learn more about Feeding Westchester, please visit:

For more details on our incredible “Round Up” partner program, as well how you can participate, please contact Norcom Solutions at (877) NORCOM1 (877-667--2661), email us at or visit

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