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eMERGE Technologies

A Norcom Solutions Company

eMERGE Technologies is now part of Norcom

Norcom Solutions announces the acquisition of eMERGE Technologies

eMERGE Technologies, Inc. is a nationwide Business Technology Solutions company dedicated to providing solutions that efficiently and effectively manage business communications seamlessly, improving the ability to retain and attract Customers.  eMERGE Technologies has been in business since 1987, built on the foundation of strong customer service.  Providing solutions for businesses throughout the United States and Canada.  eMERGE is an Exclusive Partner of Mitel, with a focus on voice and data network convergence, that provides a full suite of of services from solutions design all the way through to post-implementation support and training.

eMERGE Technologies, is the Exclusive National Distributor of CTI Software.  CTI Software provides solutions for executive suites, telephone answering services and medium to large businesses.  CTI Software integrates with leading communications platforms to provide real-time analytics and tools to grow revenue and reduce expenses.  CTI Software consists of four modules:

  1. The Suite Answer Center

  2. Suite Acounting

  3. CTI Attendant Console

  4. The Answer

With many years of experience in the communications and software industries, CTI Software has the knowledge and experience to provide a total system solution.

The Suite Answer Center

Designed for the Executive Suite environment, Suite Answer Center integrates with leading communications platforms to allow a receptionist to quickly and easily implement a variety of call handling and messaging features with the click of a mouse or function key. Suite Answer Center software is an affordable solution for multi-tenant offices whose clients want their callers to receive personalized attention from a shared receptionist.  The user friendly interface enables users to process calls more efficiently and provide more services to clients. 

Suite Accounting

CTI Software's Accounts Receivable Module, Suite Accounting, is designed for integration with Suite Answer Center software. Suite Accounting isfor Executive Suites and Answering Services and eliminates the need to manually enter recurring billable items. It automatically captures all tasks performed for the client and other services which can be customized for each client on an individual basis. Items are posted to clients' accounts and invoices are generated automatically. Record keeping is simplified with accessible real-time balance information and updates on customer activities. 

VIP Attendant Console

VIP Attendant Console can help your business in taking a big step into the fast paced world of technology. Fading fast are the days of just answering the phone. Calls need to be processed correctly and in a quick, efficient manner. VIP Attendant Console will assist your switchboard attendant in eliminating lost calls, extended call-holding time and help process calls quickly and easily. Combining the functionality of a standard PC running Microsoft Windows operating system, with the technology of leading communications platforms to efficiently handle calls. 

The Answer

Developed for the Answering Service/Call Center industry, The Answer integrates with leading communicataions platforms to enable Customer Service Representatives to quickly and efficiently implement features such as: call handling, messaging, dispatch and delivery with the click of a mouse or function key. The Ease of Use in Training, Call Handling and Dispatching, Client Account Development and Management, coupled with Billing Flexibility, Instant Web Access, Management Reports and The Answer an important tool for your business.

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