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Education Security

With facilities and students spread across large or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities brings special challenges. Ensuring student safety and reducing vandalism to valuable campus property is paramount. Keep students and property safe with Avigilon's end-to-end solutions.

Find images fast with advanced search options.

Pixel search. Alarm search. Rapid jog search. Avigilon Control Center software can do it all. Advanced search functionality dramatically improves investigative success and minimizes the instances of campus violence, theft and vandalism. Spend less time searching and more time finding.

Fewer cameras. More coverage. It's the new math.


Maximize coverage of key student areas with fewer cameras. One 29 MP Avigilon camera can cover the same area as 95 traditional analog cameras, giving you better coverage of open campus areas and public student grounds. Get greater detail and give students the peace of mind they deserve.

Boost security. Save money. It’s easy with Avigilon.


Spend less time reviewing footage. Deploy security personnel to other important duties, instead of searching for images. Increase overall student safety while spending less.

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