Safe Haven

The Norcom Safe Haven process provides options for four distinct, fully integrated
stations. The process prioritizes privacy and efficiency while creating confidence and safety for all customers and employees.

Q&A Screening
  • Interactive Question & Answer Checklist

  • You provide the questions

  • You decide how recent the screening step must be

  • On-Premise Station Leverages Voice AI

  • •Screen with speaker and microphone, asks and listens for answers

  • Touchless, fully automated (touch option supported)

  • Mobile Option

  • Llet individual complete, at their convenience, a self-declaration form before arriving

Temperature Screening
  • Contactless: Stop, Scan, View, and Log

  • Accurate

  • Notification of Fever– Visual, Audio, and Remote

  • Facial Recognition (with and/or without mask option)

  • Enterprise Reporting and Management across multiple devices

  • PII Security

  • Ability to integrate with current systems

  • Access control, personnel management

Flow Control
  • Using a variety of methods, this station controls access to the venue

    • Implement occupancy monitoring to manage flow into venue based on real-time traffic counting

    • Control physical gates to enter secure areas, enable/disable badge access

  • Mobile App shows current Occupancy Level

  • You define the maximum occupancy levels

  • Choose to provide historical occupancy levels by time of day and day of week

Results Station
  • Touchless and fully-automated, use digital signage to inform and direct

  • Options

    • Print label to provide physical proof of having cleared the necessary station(s)

    • Use Safe Space App QR Code or Pass


Get started in minutes! The temperature kiosk is ready to go. Simply set up in the desired location, turn on and start screening!


WiFi capability facilitates data capture and management.


Our automated touchless thermometer system will rapidly scan individuals as they approach. Scan in seconds to keep the entrance clear and moving.


Can be connected with automatic doors, or ticketing systems to restrict entry access to people who have a fever.

Other Temperature Checking Devices
  • Require Human Interaction (1 - 4 inches from forehead)

    • Violates social distancing guidelines

  • Risks employee and customers health and safety

  • Requires manual recording

    • Leading to innate errors

  • No Enterprise control, visibility, or validation

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