Norcom Cloud Services Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy


Customer is prohibited from utilizing the Norcom Cloud Services (“Cloud Services”) for anything other than 
making  such  services  available  to  its  Users  (as  defined  in  Norcom’s  Global  TOS),  in  accordance  with  all 
applicable federal and state regulations, and is specifically restricted from reselling the Cloud Services to 
other  telecommunications  carriers  or  customers  who  may  least  cost  route  their  traffic  to  the  Norcom 
network via Customer.    

The Fair Use Policy outlines Norcom’s policy with regards to the use of carrier services and associated voice 
minutes for the Cloud Services.  In the case where Customer’s traffic patterns are not in compliance with 
the parameters listed in the country specific sections below, Norcom has the right to change pricing upon 
fifteen  (15) days written notice  for domestic services and upon  five  (5) days  for international services.  
Norcom will  have  the  right  to  terminate  offending  Users  without  notice;  however,  Norcom will  make 
commercially reasonable efforts to contact Customer before any service is suspended.    


Other traffic premiums may apply to collect, person to person, or other second party billed calls. 


United States 

Unlimited  Cloud Services  service  plans  or  seat entitlements are limited  to  two  thousand  five  hundred 
(2500) minutes per User per month inclusive of both local and domestic long‐distance calls.  In the event 
a User exceeds their number of minutes, Norcom has the option to (i) charge Customer at a rate of $0.03 per 
minute for each minute over the 2500 threshold per User; and/or (ii) adjust Customers plan and/or (iii) 
terminate their Agreement   Customer must keep a 70/30 Regional Bell Operating Company (“RBOC”) to 
IT Operating Company (“ITOC”) calling mix or a $0.02 per minute surcharge will be apply to the per‐minute 
rate for all minutes. All usage is billed based on all “Completed Calls”, which is defined as all calls received 
by  Norcom from  the  Customer  or  terminated  by  Norcom on  behalf  of the  Customer  that  receive  answer 
supervision.   Call completion  rate must be a minimum of  90% of all  calls made  by Customer with  the 
average call  duration over  30  seconds or a  $0.02 per minute  surcharge will  be applied  to all minutes.  
Customers using automatic dialing equipment must dial a minimum of 5 NPA’s at a time so Norcom network 
capacity is not compromised by targeted calling efforts.  

For Customers  that purchase a Toll‐Free number service,  toll‐free numbers are automatically provided 
with access available from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as well as the 
continental  US.  Customer  is  responsible  for  all  charges  associated  with  the  use  of  toll‐free  numbers 
terminated to the Norcom provided service    


The outbound long‐distance prices include usage to Alaska and Hawaii provided that the traffic to those 
destinations does not exceed 1% of the total outbound long‐distance traffic offered, otherwise, traffic to 
those locations would be subject  to a pricing review   All outbound service will be billed based on  the 
service address of the Customer.